by jesuiscommejesuis


Letter 184:
..a compass and a pen can give you a reading on the lay of the river, but no mechanical instrument can measure the motion of the heart . . . one day, when you have crossed your last river, you will stand before an elephant who will measure the value of your life not by how many miles you have traveled and how much you have seen, but rather by how much you have loved..

Letter 74:
..i still have the first letter that you wrote to me. i carry it like a garden in my pocket.
if you come to me at this moment
your minutes will become hours
your hours will become days
and your days will become a lifetime.
i am never sure if I am reading the letter or if the letter is reading me..

Letter 362:
..the fate of all birds is to fall, but the phoenix is the only bird that transcends her own death . . . the fate of man is to fall, but some find a way to transcend their deaths. in this brief moment on earth, they succeeded in singing their song. the list of human birds of phoenix is long..there are millions of men and women who are also birds of phoenix, whose stories are unknown . . . but whether they are known or unknown, man or elephant, all phoenixes share the same dance:
feather to fire
fire to blood
blood to bone
bone to marrow
marrow to ashes
ashes to snow