by jesuiscommejesuis

1. my friends are the most amazing people you will ever meet.
2. im in love.
3. you wont understand me. dont try.
4. i know what my friends need. i dont know what i need.
5. religion is a funny story. i love fiction.
6. im clumsy.
7. i don’t believe.
8. there is one person in my life who i truely could not survive without.
9. i love history. i love french. i hate math.
10. i hate milk.
11. i go to bed late.
12. im eco-friendly. i hate people who aren’t.
13. i sing even though i cant.
14. lyrics help me move.
15. i don’t believe in the death sentence.
16. i hate cliches.
17. anorexia will never be a problem for me.
18. i hate deja vu.
19. almost every night i have a dream and i hate them.
20. a good library makes my day.
21. i still have my natural hair color.
22. i love purple and yellow.
23. i hate the color orange.
24. i love museums.
25. i live for summer.
25. you probably will think im a bitch but im really not. please dont judge me.
26. painting is what keeps me sane.
27. i live with my mind. it gets me in trouble sometimes, but for the most part it leads me to spectacular places.
28.i have every tea whit lemon.
29.i love agyness.
30.i am in love of my friend girlfriend.
31.i am cold.
32.i dont like when my friends are like whatever.
33.i love sun flower.
34.I wish you’d hold my hand when I am upset.
35.i like to be lonely but i dont like to be alone.
36.i think some of the people are gods.
37.i am eclectic.
38.i belive in someone.
39.i know 3 guys who could make the perfect man together.
40.i will change the world.
41.i have secret dreams.
42.i love my TRAMP t-shirt, it’s faboulous.
44.i despise some of my friends.
45.i don’t know what it is i am looking for.
46.i think everything hapens whit a reason.
47.i am always looking.
48.i am furious most of the time.
49.i am a hippocrite.
50.if you think you know it all, you know nothing.